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Offering thousands of unique online maps, plans, reconstructions, images, texts, essays, and documented treasures concerning or dating back to biblical and pre-biblical times, Carta Digital propels Carta Jerusalem's mission into the twenty-first century.

What is it?

Carta BibleWhere provides members online access anytime, anywhere and from any device to exclusive, invaluable, interconnected, fully searchable treasures that shed a new light on Bible lands and times. An amazing collection of written, drawn, illustrated, photographed, filmed and otherwise documented content. And yes, this already rich wellspring is growing by the day.

Who is it for?

Your Bible Companion
Carta BibleWhere welcomes you – old friends and newcomers; pastors and other faith leaders; church and community leaders; scholars and students; pilgrims and tourists; and indeed all readers who seek to explore more about the Sacred Canon – to this unique online digital collection, and invites you to enjoy its treasures.

Which Content?

The Place for Geography, History and Archaeology
Every Verse, Period, Character , Place, and Scripture
See the Biblical past come alive! Explore countless online maps, Bible-related texts, essays and articles alongside images and videos revealing your chosen place, character, verse or period. Thousands of Informative Maps, Articles, Images, and Videos

Anytime. Anywhere. Any Device.

No software needed. Now you can use your smartphone, tablet, laptop, PC or any web-connected screen to view, browse, search, bookmark, download and save exclusive and invaluable content concerning the biblical era and Bible lands with ease, anytime, anywhere.
Download and use in presentation or view content online from hundreds of books

Carta Collection On the GO While Traveling

Seek and You Shall Find   

Seek and You Shall Find

Now, you can be anywhere and enjoy access to many forms of biblical content relating to your personal interests. Simply type your search word, name or verse to search and explore the richest online collection of biblical era content.

Become a member today and gain unlimited access to exclusive, high-quality, meticulously selected content about the biblical era and Bible lands including maps, alongside biblical studies, geography, history, archaeology, epigraphy, and paleography content from world-class scholars, researchers, and professionals.