Carta Digital is a subsidiary of the venerable Carta Jerusalem. Founded in 1958, the mission of Carta Jerusalem has always been to provide comprehensive, in-depth maps, analysis and information regarding the Holy Land and biblical lands to readers across the world. Carta Digital extends this mission into the twenty-first century with online access. With the world’s largest online data bank for maps and texts depicting biblical reality & events, Carta Digital offers a one-stop source for Bible scholars, students and laymen alike.

Harnessing the power of the internet and technology, Carta Digital enables people around the world to access the in-depth, quality material about the Bible, for the first time, anytime, anywhere, at the comfort of their homes. The historical geography of Bible lands & cultures, the history & archaeology of Jerusalem and other sacred sites, biblical and later archaeology of the Holy Land, and much more.

Carta Jerusalem’s Scientific Council consists of prominent scholars who share their superior knowledge in their respective fields. Carta Jerusalem boasts collaborations and professional ties with research institutions, scholars and researchers worldwide that enrich and contribute to the high quality of its collection. Every event, campaign battle, journey and pilgrimage has been cartographically documented by Carta Jerusalem through all historical and archaeological periods from prehistoric to modern times. Now, thanks to Biblewhere this vast library and collection, studiously assembled by Carta Jerusalem, are at your fingertips in digital or print format.

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