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A Coin Inscribed With The Name Yehud

Coins of this type, in silver or bronze, were minted in the country in the fourth or beginning of the third century bce. On one side there was an eagle with outspread wings, an owl or some other winged animal, as well as the inscription Yehud. It appears that the coins were minted in Jerusalem which was the capital of the province of Judea at that time. However, the coin does not show any particular connection to the city, nor does it have any typically Jewish symbols. Similar coins were minted in Judea at the beginning of the Hellenistic period bearing the image of Ptolemy I, who ruled over the country from 301 to 258 BCE. By: Carta Jerusalem Language: English Print size: 21.67 x 11.11 cm, 8.53 x 4.37 inches 150 dpi - 583 kB For your personal use only Watermarks will not appear in downloaded maps. For commercial and any other application please Contact Us



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