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Abraham And Isaac In The Land Of Canaan

Abraham and Isaac in the Land of Canaan The Patriarchs came into the the land of Canaan from Transjordan and confined their migratory movements in Cisjordan to the watershed route through the hill country, from Shechem via Bethel to Hebron. They also sojourned in the Negeb, that is, Beer-sheba and vicinity. Their livelihood was based on the herding of small cattle and their movements were primarily for the seasonal utilization of local pasturage. They sought to live in symbiosis with certain urban centers, namely Shechem and Gerar, and probably also Bethel and Hebron. From Beer-sheba they made journeys into the Sinai steppe “between Kadesh and Shur,” reminiscent of the Shasu from Edom in Mt. Seir who sought pasturage in the eastern Delta of Egypt. Narratives about a sojourn in the land of Gerar feature both Abraham and Isaac. The latter obtained urban living accommodations and invested in grain production but was forced back to Beer-sheba by the jealousy of the local residents. Beer-sheba seems to be on the periphery of the territory ruled by Abimelech, king of Gerar. The Patriarchs could live there without clashing with the people of Gerar, but the king preferred to legalize the relationship by means of treaties (covenants). During times of drought and famine, the Patriarchs sought respite by going to Egypt. By: Carta Jerusalem Language: English Print size: 5.75x5.58 in (14.6x14.2 cm) 150 dpi - 708 kB   For your personal use only Watermarks will not appear in downloaded maps. For commercial and any other application please please Contact Us



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