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Carta’s Illustrated Bible Atlas , With Historical Notes

By: F.F. Bruce From the Second Millennium B.C. to the First Century A.D., this compact and lavishly illustrated Bible Atlas, with its many maps, illuminates the biblical period and provides the reader with a visual background to the beauty of the Holy Scriptures. Now revised, it will serve another generation in gaining a better image of the Holy Writ. Renowned and much admired scholar F. F. Bruce had spent a lifetime studying and teaching the Bible. Having published many scholarly works, he  graciously agreed to contribute the historical background  to accompany this basic set of maps. Augmented by plans, illustrations and photographs, Carta’s Illustrated Bible Atlas has been serving teachers and pupils for decades. In addition to the pages covering all the biblical periods in chronological order, we have now prefaced it with a map of Bible Lands today and a physical map of the same area. The chronological chart is another important tool to view the various relationships between the kingdoms and empires of  each period. Rounding off the picture are a map of modern Israel, a satellite view of the Holy Land and a map of the Old City of Jerusalem showing the major excavations where remains from Bible times have been unearthed. Language: English Soft Cover, 32 pages, 9 x12 in. (22 x30 cm) Featuring: Index Maps Full Color Illustrations ISBN: 978-965-220-812-5 Weight: 160g  (5.6 oz.)



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