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Echoes From The Past

By: Shmuel Ahituv Prof. Shmuel Ahituv has been awarded the prestigious ISRAEL PRIZE 2015 for Biblical Studies  This book was conceived and born in the classroom. It is a collection of Hebrew inscriptions from the First Commonwealth period from the kingdoms around the Jordan River. This collection of ancient texts is of value to everyone interested in the antiquities of Israel, teachers of Bible and History of Israel, Ancient Near Eastern History, Semitic Languages and Biblical Archaeology.

The inscriptions were written in Hebrew, or in languages or dialects similar to Hebrew, thus making them accessible to any reader of Hebrew.

Over 220 inscriptions. Each is illustrated by a photograph or facsimile, with transcriptions in Hebrew letters.

Language: English Hard Cover, 526 pages, 6×91⁄4 in. (15.3×23.3 cm) Featuring:
Bibliography Index
Black & White
ISBN: 978-965-220-708-1
Weight: 1.08 kg (2.4 pounds)



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