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Greatness Grace & Glory

By: Paul H. Wright

This volume represents a new and necessary genre in the field of biblical studies. Greatness Grace & Glory is perhaps best described as a volume on applied or practical biblical historical geography.

- It offers a readable and engaging presentation of biblical historical geography through the familiar grid of story.

- Greatness Grace & Glory provides an integrated historical-geographical context of the biblical story.

- The atlas presents the story of each of the great people of the Bible, focusing on the importance for place and cultural context in understanding the story.

- Numerous maps and pictures, with explanatory captions, are included for every chapter to let the reader visualize the grounded reality behind each person’s story.

Language: English Hard Cover, 256 pages, 8½×11 in. (21.5×28 cm) Featuring:

Maps Illustrations Bibliography Index Full Color

ISBN: 978-965-220-627-5 Weight: 1.03 kg (2.3 pounds)



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