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Illustrated Wall Maps Of The Bible

By: Carta

A set of full-size sheets of 12 maps and plans covering the whole Bible epoch. Specially designed as a teacher’s aid, it can be used in conjunction with Atlas of the Bible which is free with this package.

Suitable for adults or children, it is an economical and attractive aid to bring the Bible to life.

Ideal for schools, Sunday schools, Bible classes in schools, seminaries, and colleges.

Language: English

12 full-size sheets, 28 x40 in. (70 x100 cm)

Box size: 10 x14 in. (25 x35.5 cm)



Culture and Commerce in the Ancient Near East

Ancient Near East in the Second Millennium B.C.

The Near East in the First Millennium B.C.

The Coming of the Israelites

The Kingdom of David and Solomon

The Kingdoms of Judah and Israel

Palestine in Graeco-Roman Times

Jesus in His Land

Journeys of the Apostles

The Spread of the Early Church

Palestine in the Time of the Old Testament

Palestine in the time of the New Testament

Free with this package:

Atlas of the Bible

Thirty full-color maps, 20 pages, illustrations

ISBN: 965-220-493-5

Weight: 1.35 kg  (3 pounds)



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