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Israel’s 60th Anniversary – The Sounds And Sights (DVD)

Editors: Ilan Kfir, Dani Dor, Moshe Milner Israel – 60 years in 60 minutes. This DVD has rare and unique film clips and voices recordings of Israel's history presented here: - The historic vote for partition at the United Nations; - The Declaration of Independence read out by David Ben Gurion; - Images from all of Israel's struggles and wars; - The dramatic rescue of the hijacked Sabina airliner; - The destruction of Iraq's nuclear reactor from the cockpit of the pilot; -  Anwar Sadat in Jerusalem and Menachem Begin and Sadat making peace; - Yitzhak Rabin, King Hussein and Bill Clinton celebrating peace with Jordan, and much more. Language: English  (also in Hebrew) ISBN: 978-965-220-759-3 Weight: 94 g (3.3 oz)



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