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Jerusalem Biblical Archaeology

By Carta Jerusalem • A stunning presentation – Jerusalem Biblical Archaeology gives you an engrossing overview of millennia of biblical and ancient history. • No place on earth has a more varied history than Jerusalem, cradle to Western heritage, culture and religion. • See for yourself the amazing finds unearthed in and around Jerusalem. All of them solid witness to life in the Days of the Bible. • To further enhance this unique documentation, important finds from later periods are also included. • Texts and scientific advice by Yuval Baruch PhD. • In collaboration with The Israel Antiquities Authority.   ISBN: 978-965-220-874-3 68×98 cm (26.8×38.6 in.); folds to 13.5×23.5 cm (5¼×9¼ in.) Scale: Jerusalem map 1:15,000 Scale: Old city map 1:2,800



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