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The Campaign Of Adad-Nirari III To Damascus

The campaign of Adad-nirari III to Damascus The Eponym Chronicle records a campaign by Adad-nirari to Mansuate in 796 BCE. That list seems to focus on one geographic entity that was central to the campaign without giving further details. It was this campaign that must have entailed the rescue of Zakkur from the coalition that was besieging him. The Antakya stele records that Adad-nirari and his field marshal (turtanu), Shamshi-ilu, established the boundary between Zakkur of the land of Hamath and Atarshumki, the ruler of Arpad. The latter is to be identified with the Bar-gusi of the Zakkur text; Bit-Agusi is the Assyrian name for the kingdom of which Arpad is the chief city. This stele seems to reflect a policy on the part of Adad-nirari to woo Bit-Agusi/Arpad from the alliance with Damascus. At the same time, the Assyrian monarch wanted to preserve the security of Zakkur. The fact that both Adad-nirari and Shamshi-ilu appear together shows that the latter, who was now the powerful governor of Bit-Adini with Til-Barsip as his main capital, was probably the actual commander during the campaign of 796 BCE although Adad-nirari seems to have accompanied the expedition. The subduing of Amurru, viz. Hatti land, would refer to the scattering of the coalition that threatened Zakkur. As a follow-up, the Assyrians must have moved on Damascus (using Mansuate as a base of operations) and extorted the large tribute. When the new king of Israel, Jehoash/Joash, son of Jehoahaz, heard of the approach of the Assyrian force, he sent tribute. Undoubtedly, Jehoash intended to buy the support of Adad-nirari against Bar-hadad (Marî of the Akkadian texts). The latter was so weakened by the Assyrian attack that he soon became easy prey for his Israelite neighbor. Meanwhile, the Assyrian king states that he made the grand tour of Phoenicia. This would seem to confirm the king's personal participation in the campaign in spite of the prominence of his general (turtanu), Shamshi-ilu. A visit to Arvad is reminiscent of Tiglath-pileser I but Adad-nirari does not mention a boat ride. By: Carta Jerusalem Language: English Print size: 5.75x5.06 in (14.6x12.9 cm) 150 dpi - 458 kB For your personal use only Watermarks will not appear in downloaded maps. For commercial and any other application please Contact Us



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