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The Carta Jerusalem Atlas

By: Dan Bahat
The Carta Jerusalem Atlas is a luxuriously-enlarged atlas which clearly portrays the history of Jerusalem through the ages. This comprehensive picture of the long history of one of the most contested cities in the world will prove of value to scholars, students and laymen alike, and especially for those whom the Holy City has special meaning. The purpose of an atlas is to present as credibly as possible the main events and situations in graphic and cartographic form. This atlas does just that. The history of Jerusalem according to its various periods is portrayed in as concise and popular a manner as possible while ensuring that it is scientifically exact. A detailed map of the Old City today concludes the survey of Jerusalem through the ages.
Language: English
Hard Cover, 176 pages, 9.5 x 13.5 in. (24 x 34 cm);
Maps Plans Photographs Fully Indexed Bibliography Full color
ISBN: 978-965-220-807-1
Weight:  1.19 kg   (2.6 pounds)



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