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The Quest: Revealing The Temple Mount In Jerusalem

By: Leen Ritmeyer This serious book presents a vivid view of the Holy Temple in Jerusalem through the ages, and also serves as a textbook. Comprehensive in scope, the book begins with the Temple Mount at its zenith, under King Herod the Great. Weaving together archaeological data with historical sources, Ritmeyer produces an authoritative and exhaustive reconstruction in word and picture. With the features of the Herodian Temple Mount clearly understood, the reader is led to the quest for the earlier, square Temple Mount, described by Josephus and the Mishnah. Theories are fairly examined and evaluated as the search progresses. This rich accumulation of archaeological and literary evidence suggests a solution for Jerusalem’s enduring enigmas. This work distills three millennia of history and thirty years of intensive research into the definitive book on the Temple Mount. Language: English Hard Cover, 448 pages, 7½×9¾ in. (19×24.5 cm) Featuring: Superb reconstructions of Temple Mount architecture Profusely illustrated with hundreds of maps, plans, drawings and photographs and illustrations Index Bibliography ISBN: 9789652206282 Weight: 1.55 kg  (3.4 pounds)



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