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The Ritual Of The Temple In The Time Of Christ

By: Leen  Ritmeyer, Kathleen Ritmeyer  2nd Edition This handsomely illustrated book is the result of the felicitous fusion of the Ritmeyers’ unique experience and training in recording and illustrating the extensive archaeological excavations around theTemple Mount that took place in Jerusalem after the Six-Day War in 1967 and their thorough knowledge of Scripture, other sources and languages.

Following the detailed description of the Temple platform, the buildings and the interior of the Temple are chapters on the priestly functions, the service in theTemple on weekdays and the Sabbath and on holy days. A special chapter deals with the Jewish calendar and festivals as they were celebrated in the days of Christ.

Language: English

Soft Cover, 80 pages, 8.25 x10.75 in. (21 x27 cm)



Full Color

ISBN: 9789652208620

Weight: 292 g (10.3 oz.)



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