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Alphabets Ancient & Modern

By: Ada Yardeni A unique wall chart showing the development of the alphabets from ancient to modern times. The comparative chart shows clear presentations of the important Semitic Scripts, their adaption and further development to Greek and Latin. Alphabets: Proto-Canaanite, South Semitic Aramaic, Greek, Latin, Phoenician, Hebrew, Samaritan, Aramaic, “Jewish”, Nabatean, Classical Arabic, and Syriac (Assyrian). Selection of original inscriptions and documents illuminate the origins, phases and directions of the development of the different alphabets. Language: English - Folded 9¾×13½ in. (24.5×34.5 cm) - Folds out to 27½×39 in. (70×100 cm) - Case: 10½×14 in. (27×35.5 cm) Featuring: Laminated wall chart ISBN: 978-965-220-630-5 Weight:  180g (6.35 oz)



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