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Jerusalem In The Time Of Nehemiah

By: Leen Ritmeyer, Kathleen Ritmeyer 2ND REVISED EDITION Jerusalem after the Babylonian captivity was all but destroyed. It was in the time of Nehemiah, governor of the province of Judah or Yehud, that the grand reconstruction of the city took place. Jerusalem in the Time of Nehemiah takes us on an Archaeological Tour of Nehemiah’s Jerusalem illuminating all the sites, gates and walls of the city. It is richly illustrated with models of reconstructions, photographs, drawings and illustrative maps.

Language: English Soft Cover, 72 pages, 8¼x10¾ in. (21x27 cm) Featuring:
Plans Maps Reconstructions
Full Color
ISBN: 9789652208533
Weight:   266 g (9.4 oz)



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